Skin peels or chemical peels are a tried-and-tested way to rejuvenate the skin of the face, hands, chest (décolletage) and body. Skin peels not only exfoliate the skin by removing dead and damaged cells, encouraging your skin to produce new cells and revealing a younger, fresher complexion, but also stimulate natural collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin peels are useful for the treatment of a wide range of skin concerns including pigmentation problems, sun damage, acne scarring and texture problems, to even out the complexion.

Dr Rose uses the latest Enerpeel® skin peels from SkinMed, which are classed as a new generation of peels as they allow treatments to be individually tailored to skin type, age and area, as opposed to the ‘one type fits all’ acid peels used by many other practitioners. Enerpeel® delivers greater collagen remodelling than traditional peels due to the patented carrier solution which allows enhanced absorption of the active ingredients.

Unlike other skin peels which can be traumatic and abrasive to the skin, the Enerpeel® range causes virtually no skin shedding or swelling, meaning minimal downtime; you can continue with your daily routine after treatment, including work.

Dr Rose advises a course of peels to maximise visible results and will recommend which peel from the Enerpeel® range will best suit your needs.

Enerpeel® EL for eye and lip zone

A sophisticated peel designed to combat signs of ageing in the difficult-to-treat area around the eyes and lips.  Effective for crow’s feet, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

Enerpeel® PA for face and body

This peel is designed to combat signs of ageing on the face, hands and décolletage. Effective for age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and papery skin. Face, hands and décolletage are rejuvenated to regain the smooth, taut skin associated with youth. Enerpeel® PA also benefits spot-prone and congested skin.

Enerpeel® TCA for face and body

Enerpeel® TCA will improve colour, freshness, texture, skin tone, scarring, acne, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It will also help to remove areas of superficial discolouration, such as age spots.

Enerpeel® SA for acne-prone, congested skin

This peel, designed specifically for acne sufferers, delivers oil-reducing salicylic acid to the skin, alongside triethyl citrate and ethyl linoleate to control bacterial colonisation and reduce inflammation.

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Questions and answers

What are skin peels?

Skin peels are specialised chemical solutions, carefully applied to the face, hands or body to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells.

What type of skin peel product does Dr Rose use?

Dr Rose uses the latest Enerpeel® range of skin peels which allow treatments to be individually tailored to skin type, age and area. Enerpeel® products deliver greater collagen remodelling than traditional peels, and cause little unsightly skin shedding or swelling.

What happens during a skin peel treatment?

Dr Rose, having made a full assessment of your skin to determine which Enerpeel® treatment is most suitable, will carefully apply the solution to the skin with a brush. After a specified length of time (up to ten minutes, depending on the product and skin type), a neutraliser will be applied. Typically, a course of four to six treatments, spaced every two to three weeks, is required for optimal results.

Will I see results?

In most cases, results can be seen around two weeks after the first treatment. A course of treatments is required for best results.

How long do skin peels last?

After a course of treatments, visible results last for up to six months. Your own results may vary.

Is it painful?

The skin peels that Dr Rose uses are not painful. During the procedure, common side effects include itching, tingling or mild heat, which settle down once the neutraliser is applied. After treatment, some redness and swelling can occur for up to 24 hours. Dryness and flaking can occur for up to seven days (occasionally longer), depending on the type of Enerpeel® used. Where deeper peels are used, some minor scabbing and scaling can occur; this generally resolves on its own within ten days. Deeper peels can cause redness for several weeks or months after treatment. Dr Rose will discuss full aftercare instructions during your consultation.

How long does the treatment take?

A skin peel treatment typically takes around 30 minutes.

Are skin peels safe? What are the potential side effects?

While any procedure carries small risks, Enerpeel® treatments are safe when applied by an experienced professional who can fully assess your skin’s health and suitability. One potential side effect of skin peels can be hyperpigmentation; Dr Rose will advise you on the use of a high-factor sunscreen to reduce the potential for this to occur. Rarely, patients may experience an infection in the skin or an outbreak of cold sores.

Click here to view Enerpeel® before and after photos. Images courtesy of SkinMed.

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